What are sea minerals and Why Do We Need Them?

The oceans of the world contain an impressive array of life-essential minerals, trace elements and electrolytes. Chemists have isolated over 80 individual elements that are present in all oceans. Research has shown that the human body contains all of these elements in the approximate ratios that occur in the oceans. Essentially, all of us are small individual oceans.

These elements must be continuously replenished in the body because they are lost through normal human activity. Under these conditions, a diet rich in all these minerals, trace elements and electrolytes can be expected to furnish the body with what it requires to maintain bodily balance and good health.

Unfortunately, vigorous exercise, exposure to harsh environmental pollutants, deficient diets and various medical conditions deplete the body of these essential life-critical elements. With vigorous exercise, they are lost at such a high rate that the body needs considerable time to recover. While the body is replenishing itself, we remain fatigued. Our muscles and tendons are tired and our joints are sore. They have been stressed, and the only thing we can do is wait until they recover in order to resume our activities.