Our clients love our product!
Here's what some of them have to say.

Practicing Physical Therapy for 30 years, I have used many oils and massage creams performing soft tissue work for muscle strains, connective tissue mobilization and to improve muscle recovery. What was lacking in these solutions, the active ingredients in RECOVERNOL™, now provide. I have received positive feedback from athletes, the active 40+ plus, and those experiencing joint inflammation as a result of the “Aging Process”. Hawaiian Essence™ has provided my Physical Therapy Clinic with a valuable tool that I recommend with confidence.
— Randall, PT, Laguna Hills
As an early member of SEAL Team One, I understand the physical challenges and impacts of an extreme lifestyle. Painful, long-lasting injuries can be alleviated by the skillful application of RECOVERNOL™ to muscles challenged by surfing, long distance swimming and a career in “extreme construction”. Fortunately, RECOVERNOL™ has allowed me to avoid surgery and continue to live a very active schedule, enjoying hard work and ever-challenging play.
— Michael, Laguna Beach
Being structurally challenged, I have constant pain & inflammation in my hip area and under my shoulder blade. Applying RECOVERNOL™ to these areas a few times a day has helped to relieve the constant, annoying discomfort. Some relief is better than none!
— Missy, Irvine
As a massage therapist, I see all kinds of injuries, stress, strains and even sprains! When I massage RECOVERNOL™ onto my clients area of need, they always comment on how much better the area feels. They like to tell me I have magic hands, but I let them know that RECOVERNOL™ has ingredients that assist with their inflammation, or pain, etc., and massage, along with RECOVERNOL™, work together to help relieve inflammation & pain in their problem area(s).
— Dean, MT, Irvine
Playing many years of baseball, I’ve had different injuries and ailments. When i sprained my ankle a couple of months ago, I started using RECOVERNOL™ immediately a few times a day. I felt relief within minutes of applying it and I continue to use RECOVERNOL™ for all my nagging ailments. I also like that the menthol smell doesn’t linger. Thanks, Hawaiian Essence™, for keeping me active!
— Andy, Huntington Beach